♥ Happy valentines day 2020! ♥

I love you so much mouse!!! Our relationship means so much to me... One of my favorite things is having songs that mean a lot to both of us so I figured I'd throw this mixtape together! Hope you mind........

As a bonus I made this also!! It's Tricolor Airline (which is in the playlist) but a mix with Miku and Luka lol...

playlist on youtube (some of these don't work embedded sowwy)
  1. Ella Fitzgerald Old Black Magic
  2. OSTER Project colorful x sexy
  3. Hiromi Spark
  4. Pat Metheny Minuano (Six Eight)
  5. 23.exe CHO-DARI-
  6. Sufjan Stevens Mercury
  7. Sufjan Stevens The Preditory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
  8. Andrew Bird Oh No
  9. Ahmad Jamal The Awakening
  10. Kazuhira Miller Love Deterrence
  11. Hateno Village
  12. OSTER Project Kissing Fish
  13. Project Mirai DX Tricolor Airline